The Scholastic Aptitude or Assessment Test, more commonly known as the SAT has surprisingly been in use for nearly a century now! This is a basic exam that assesses students’ skills and knowledge on the fundamentals of English and Math taught during the course of their high schooling years. Along with the ACT exam, SAT is synonymous with undergraduate program admissions into reputed colleges and universities. 



72 Hours of Exam Preparation


40 Hours in Class Training


32 Hours MOCK test and Reviews


12 Session and each session 2 hours


On completion of every session, home work will be given and reviewed in next session


Unique customized study plan for each student

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How do I Register for SAT ?

Students can register for SAT through mail, phone and the college board website. If you need any help during registration feel free to contact us.

What is a good score in the SAT Test ?

A score of 1200 above is generally seen as a good score for securing admissions in colleges. However, top universities like Harvard and Stanford might ask above 1550 in the SAT.

When should I take the SAT Test ?

College Board offers nearly seven attempts on SAT test in a year. The test taker should have a valid passport and copies of school enrolment certificate to appear in the test.

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