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40 Hours of SAT Training

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Now, It’s your turn to achieve your goal in SAT

Learn With Srikant Rathod 

(9+ Years Experienced Trainer )

Srikant Rathod Helped Over 100+ students in 20+ countries with Their unique techniques to achieve best score in SAT test.


The fundamental purpose of Proper Choice is learning, not teaching. Here, you learn how to learn.

Srikant Rathod

Private Training

  • 40 hours Training focusing on Techniues, Tricks and Time management strategies
  • Unlimited MOCK TEST and reviews which help students to understand Test pattern and variety of questions in detail
  • Fully customized study plan to help students’ to transfer their weaknesses in to strengths
  • Days : Any day, as per availability of student and faculty
  • Timings: Flexible class schedule where students can choose number of Classes, number of Days per week and Timings according to availability of trainers

Group Training

  • 40 Hours of Training focusing on Techniques, Tricks and Time management strategies
  • Unlimited MOCK TEST and reviews which help students to understand Test pattern and variety of questions in detail
  • Fully customized study plan to help students’ to transfer their weaknesses in to strengths
  • Small group( 6-8 students) to ensure personal attention
  • We guarantee score enhancement as our Instructors are specialized in Test preparation
  • Duration : 10 Weeks

Just Watch What Students Saying About
Proper Choice Training Institute



The online classes for SAT preparation were well conducted by Srikanth sir. He is knowledgeable, engaging and helped with all my problems. Overall, it has been a great experience for me and enjoyed them thoroughly.



As a student who has never done the SAT, I was really satisfied with the training with the tutors. They provided many tips that can aided me in understanding certain concepts in the SAT, and provided advice in how to tackle the test.

Saud Masoul


The center provides a really high quality training for SAT exams as of my own experience. The teaches are very dedicated and experienced in the field. It is also value for money.

Heba Mamdouh


As a parent I was very satisfied with the training they provided for my son for SAT preparation. Mr Srikant and the teachers are very knowledgeable and thorough, they have a very organized schedule with close attention to the student’s needs. In addition they constantly monitor the progress of the student and effectively communicate with parents. Highly recommend..

Rehab Abdelrazig


The teaching was great, helped me improve from a starting score of 1160 to consistent 1500+. Overall very professional and helpful throughout the whole course and provided me with many resources, tips and tricks that helped a lot. Highly recommend this institute.

Abbass Sleiman


Our Recent SAT Test Score

Bradley Lewis 1270 1550 280
Mahmoud Ayad 1150 1510 360
Mohd Abdulla 1210 1490 280
Mohamed Ibrahim 1080 1450 370
Ashwin JJ 1230 1440 210

Now, It's your turn to achieve your goal in SAT

(This Amazing Offer Ends In)

If you aspire to turn your career into a legendary career, then, in this case, it goes without saying that you will have to study at the word’s top-notch universities since it has always been important to all of us to learn what is considered to be the best and at top-notch universities, it will be easy and also be enjoyable for us to study.

Needless to say that you have to know, what you will have to do in order to turn your dreams into reality and the answer is SAT.

It was debuted by the college board and its name is said to have been changed several times. Initially, it uses to be called the Scholastic Aptitude Test, and later, it was changed and it was the Scholastic Assessment Test. It was also changed a couple of more times.

No matter what you call it, its work will be the same.

Having done comprehensive research on this, you will get to know that it is also some sort of entrance exam, which was or is being used by a lot of colleges throughout the world.

It is also considered to be a multiple-choice and a pencil and paper set, which has been created by the college board.

Now it goes without saying that colleges have been using it to measure the readiness of students of high schools good and proper In order to provide colleges with the accurate data point that was and is being used to compare all applicants.

After college admission officers receive the data, admission officers start reviewing standardized test scores alongside your high school GPA, the classes, which you took at high school, letters of recommendations from teachers or mentors, extracurricular activities, admission interviews, and personal essays.

 There are 2 SAT sections

  1. Math
  2. Evidence-based reading and writing

 It also includes an optional essay section. Its essay scores are said to be reported separately from overall test scores and perhaps some colleges need you to complete the SAT essay.

SAT has been measuring English, mathematics, reading, and writing skills. The test assists primarily US-based universities to assess the potential of applicants. The examination of it is said to be completely paper-based.

Having known this, perhaps you would have even got to know, what level’s preparation you will have to do before you get an opportunity to study at the word’s top-notch universities.

Now, it’s time for you to know the best SAT classes in Dubai.

There are a lot of coaches out there who have been teaching for the last 6 or 10 years but you yourself don’t have to make efforts to single out the best class in order to start your preparations since I myself have done comprehensive research and will you let you know, what you should have to do.

The best SAT classes in Dubai


SAT Group Classes

  1. It provides 30 hours of interactive classroom teaching.
  2. It also provides 10 online and paper-based full-length practice tests with regular feedback sessions.
  3. Extensive SAT prep books and study material as well.
  4. Strategy sessions and study plans post-course completion.
  5. Small cohorts.
  6. 1-year validity as well.

SAT Private Tutoring

  1. It has one on one flexible sessions.
  2. It’s customized to your strengths & weaknesses & learning proven success strategies.
  3. It also provides 10 online or paper-based full-length practice tests with regular feedback sessions.
  4. Extensive SAT prep books and study material.
  5. Strategy sessions and study plans post-course completion.
  6. It also provides options for the intensive accelerated program.


Advanced SAT prep & crash course

  1. Exclusively for students with a SAT score of 1350 & above OR with a Q650+/v600+
  2. Rigorous training program for those who have mastered the basics.
  3. Focus on hard SAT content.
  4.  10 online or paper-based full-length practice tests     with regular feedback sessions.
  5.  Extensive SAT prep books & study material.
  6.  Strategy sessions and study plans post-course competition.

 SAT math/English boot camps

  1. Fast track course for old test takers.
  2. It is surrounded by highly motivated undergrad applicants and test makers.
  3. 10 online or paper based full-length practice tests with regular feedback sessions.
  4. Extensive SAT prep books and study material.
  5. Strategy sessions and study planners post-course completion.


The SAGE education service

SAGE education offers the best SAT classes in Dubai in order to prepare students for the exam in a success-oriented manner.

The program for SAT preparation has been crafted by the expert faculty and the teaching is preparation intensive well.

Join hands with the robust and reliable team at SAGE for a sterling career.

The team at SAGE is dedicated to providing end to end and holistic support in term of admission consulting.

We help the students in choosing the universities, completing the admission formalities and finding out an internship, course details, program and lots more.

Sage is a comprehensive SAT tutoring center.

You can directly go to the website and get everything good and proper.

Anannt SAT Coaching Classes

Anannt SAT coaching classes have been conducting SAT classes in a way to help students grasp all the SAT concepts properly and to make them understand everything meticulously.

Customized SAT training is also provided since every student learning style and speed is completely different.

They also have developed in house technology and tests based on all the previous SAT patterns.

You can access our tests online anywhere.

Anannt’s coaching classes also acknowledge the fact that every student’s strengths and weaknesses are different. Therefore, their tutors pay special attention to all the courses while designing them.

Their classes offer 

  1. 60 hours of SAT classroom training.
  2. Unlimited scheduled doubt clearing sessions.
  3. Matchless study material.
  4. Refresher and booster camps to brush up and strengthen concepts.
  5. Online full length tests & sectional tests.
  6. Unlimited essay reviews.
  7. Detailed study plan designed and customized catering your target score and the exam date.

 Testprepkart Classes: Testprepkart is believed to be the best classes if you aspire to study at the world’s top-notch universities and these are also said to be the leaders in SAT preparation for the universities of the USA and India as well. 

Their classes are said to have helped innumerable students who raise their SAT scores and on-board the world’s best universities such as brown university, University of Pennsylvania, University of Michigan, Dartmouth, Georgetown, The University of Texas, Illinois Institute of technology, Arizona state university.

They claim that the best feature in their SAT coaching is that their students can either single out single subject or all the subjects together.

 All of their coaching classes in Dubai are also completely live and interactive and also comes with below features as standard for all the Sat Courses.

  1. Live and interactive coaching classes: Testprepkart has to give you fully live and online SAT classes with one on one interaction for SAT general and SAT subject coaching. All classes are real time and live with options on 42 hours, 60 hours, 72 hours, 90 hours and more.
  1. High qualified SAT faculty: It brings you a panel of the most qualified and highly experienced SAT faculty and our outperforming SAT instructors are the alumni of IITs, Harvard, Wharton, Yale, Stanford and Maryland.
  1. SAT study material: It also comes with full SAT subject study material for students to focus specifically on what they have to secure perfectly 2400.
  1. Online test series for SAT: SAT live test series are test taken at regular intervals along with the progress in course. The patterns will be MCQ of 3 hours just as test are taken for SAT II.      
  1. SAT assessment reports: You are daily assessed on the SAT topic you are    instructed. You just have to take the test before it expires.
  1. Special query sessions: SAT special query sessions (doubt classes) encourage students that hesitate to clarify their doubts during the live sessions and also for the students to clarify their doubts after appearing for the SAT online test series.
  1. SAT accessible videos: You will be accessed to all SAT video sessions if you won’t be able to attend the sessions due to any reason.

SAT Jamboree Center

Jamboree is believed to be the oldest institute in Asia and it claims that it’s the best of it’s kind, which offers comprehensive classroom preparation programs for tests such as GMAT, GRE, SAT, TOEFL and IELTS, this center has 39 centers in 4 countries  – the UAE, Singapore, India, and Nepal as well.

All their centers follow a uniform curriculum and have outstanding faculties, all of whom are trained at our head office.

This center offers

SAT 1 classroom training.

  1. 32 hours of classroom training.
  2. Unlimited personalized hours.
  3. 8 official tests and Additional full length mock tests.

SAT 2 classroom training.

  1. 92 hours live online interaction with faculty.
  2. Unlimited doubt clearing sessions.
  3. Exhaustive and comprehensive study material developed through 25+ years of research.

SAT private tutoring.

  1. In-depth coverage of all concepts.
  2. Flexible scheduling of sessions.
  3. Detailed study plan customized to your target score and exam date.


All of us foreknow, what the importance of education has been in our lives by now and will always be even in the future.

I myself have done comprehensive research for all of you guys prior to writing the article. Consequently,   I hope having gone through the entire article good and proper, you will get to know which class is the best for you as per your needs.

If you find it useful, then in this case, please let me know by leaving a comment since I will be over the moon if it helped you even to some extent.